We are a client focused team. The core of any business decision we make is you! We strive to create an environment that is smooth and as stress free as possible. Whether we are helping someone sell their home or working with a buyer who is moving to the area, our number one goal is client satisfaction.

A critical part of our business model is communication. Decisions are made after we know everyone is on the same page and completely informed.

We all live and work in this beautiful part of the Island. Our goal is that your experience leaves you raving about our services.

Not only are we extremely ethical and hardworking, we also start each day with innovation in mind and ultimately offering more to our clients.

About your home:

How do we help you sell your home?

    • Professional Photography: It all starts here. Great pictures generate high interest and will get people through your door.
    • Floor Plan: People love to look at floor plans so we give them what they want on every house.
    • Drones: On all acreage and waterfront properties we hire a drone to see the aerial view. This gives the buyer a better idea of the lay of the land.
    • Video: Research tells us the best way to get attention online today is with video. We will shoot a professional video of your home that is informative and entertaining.
    • Documentation: In each home there will be a binder to provide buyers with additional information on the property; this will include zoning and plot plans, the Property Disclosure Statement as well as benefits and features of the home.
    • Postcards: Personal postcards showcasing your home with pens will be available so potential buyers can make notes while viewing and then take home for reference.


    • Website: We strategically picked our website domain to capture all buyers looking for homes all over the Island. Generally when someone starts looking they are not married to a specific location but rather a lifestyle change. Here we will proudly showcase your home.
    • Facebook: This is a powerful tool that reaches people all over the world. With each listing we spend extra money to target people of a certain age group and location. When done, your home will pop up on newsfeeds while communicating with family and friends.
    • Twitter: Again teasing people on twitter with your listing reaches a huge amount of people in a short amount of time.
    • You Tube: All our videos are showcased on our You Tube channel. Here you will find videos about all the homes we list as well as information about the area.
    • Instagram: This is yet another avenue to showcase your home. Here you will see photos which grab a viewer’s attention and then drive traffic back to our website.
    • MLS: Of course your home will also be listed on the MLS system where all realtors go as well as buyers looking for a home.

Other Advertising:

  • Islands Best Homes: We advertise in our monthly guide within Royal LePage. This goes out to all homes in the area once a month and gets handed out at the real estate offices.
  • Open Houses: At your convenience we will host open houses to further expose your home to residents and visitors.



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